Thinkstock by Getty Images' partnership with AdStage will give businesses the opportunity to use visuals (like this one!) in their online social media ads. (Thinkstock photo/image number 155218464)

Partnering with AdStage to help businesses create powerful visual ads

October 2, 2013 | By Maria Dias | Creative

At Getty Images we know that compelling visuals in advertising and communications have tremendous power. That’s why we’re so excited that Thinkstock by Getty Images is launching an upcoming app integration with AdStage, an all-in-one advertising platform to manage Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

In TechCrunch, Anthony Ha reports that the new features could help to position the AdStage to become a central platform for advertisers to manage their campaigns. We know that being able to provide those advertisers with easy, legal access to high-quality content through Getty Images will help them create powerful and inspiring work.

About AdStage
AdStage is an all-in-one online advertising platform to manage Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn ad campaigns in one place. AdStage provides full management and analytics to create, edit and optimize campaigns across search, display, social and mobile ad networks. The platform also includes cross-network reporting, conversion tracking and an integrated app system with apps from partners like Thinkstock to extend the platform’s features for businesses of all sizes. Learn more at

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