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Art directing a walkabout shoot at LAX iStockalypse (Timelapse)

May 22, 2013 | By William Bon | Art Of Photography

What is your role at Getty Images?

My name is William Bon, but my friends call me Bill. I’m a Senior Art Director at Getty Images NY.


What was your role at the recent LAX iStockalypse?

I had a chance to speak about video and work with iStock photographers through all stages of the creative process: brainstorming, location scouting, shooting, direction, etc.


Tell us about the walkabout video timelapse.

During the iStockalypse, we hold walkabout shoots where anyone can participate.  We produce the shoot and the photographers get a chance to shoot released models and salable concepts for their portfolios on  As an Art Director, I usually work with a single photographer on a shoot, so it was an interesting challenge to work with roughly 15 people at once.  As we moved throughout the day, I was able to suggest things that they may have not thought of on their own in the heat of the moment.  Things like composition, color, new angles, and moving through shoot situations that are fluid in nature. The video is roughly four hours of shooting compressed to about a minute and a half.


How did you capture the imagery on the walkabout while you were art directing?

I mounted a small Go Pro camera to my chest and had it take pictures continuously.  In post production I edited down thousands of shots into just enough to move at a nice pace through the timelapse.  I then assembled the selected imagery in Final Cut and paired the visuals with music from iStockphoto.

Lytro images from LAX iStockalypse, by William Bon

(click inside the image to re-focus)


Crew setting up for the event


iStock stickers, crowd

iStockalypse registration table

Editor’s note: William Bon is a Senior Art Director at Getty Images. You can find him in our NY office doing cool stuff or follow him on Twitter and on Vine @WA_Bon.

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