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Advertising trends: Financial services ads aim to (re)build trust

November 20, 2012 | By Maria Dias | Creative, Trends, Visual Trends

Ah, money. With the holiday shopping season upon us, there will be lots of talk of economic recovery, fiscal cliffs and what consumers are willing to spend now that the Great Recession is behind us. But one thing we find particularly interesting  is something our latest issue of the Curve explores: In this post-Great Recession world, how do we calculate the value of money and our relationship to it, and how is this being represented visually?

Visual Representation-How do we show value-Light-Motion-Tim Robberts-Stone-Getty Images-143907989

Light trail on steps. (Photo by Tim Robberts, Stone Collection)

Since the beginning of the financial crisis back in 2008, we’ve been tracking the changes in imagery used by financial services providers to represent their brand (our Five Key Trends report goes deeper… take a look). While consumers have been reassessing what wealth means to them, the financial services industry has taken note –  using more imagery reflecting concepts such as trust, value and those things which truly are priceless: relationships, health, security and personal achievements.

Recent campaigns reflecting these trends can be seen all over the world, from HSBC framing tangible objects in copius white space to convey the idea of “solid,” to a philosophical perspective from Volksbank in Germany. Even Citi, with its 200th anniversary ad, focus on concepts around “making” and “hands-on work,” using archival footage signifying the concepts of “age” and “susbstance” (what they couldn’t squeeze in more of the rock-climbing girl?! sigh…).

Actually, we think you’ll see more of these trends in the future as banking communication turns away from aspirational consumption and consumers continue thier decline in deference to traditional institutions of power. Stay tuned…

Editor’s note: For more strategy, insights and visual trends for business, check out the Curve by Getty Images.

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