Fever-The Awakening of European Facism-Paolo Marchetti-2012 Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography winner

‘Inside the flock’: Editorial Grant winners have hard work ahead

September 17, 2012 | By Getty Images | Community, News, Photography, Photojournalism, Who We Support

When we announced our 2012 Grants for Editorial Photography winners this year at Visa Pour L’Image, we were thrilled to do so in a room filled with people as passionate as we are about the importance of photojournalism.

At Getty Images, we believe society thrives best when served by strong, free media, and when — even in dangerous places and conflict areas — the role of the journalist is respected by all.

It is not easy work. Take for example, 2012 Getty Images Editorial Grant winner Paolo Marchetti, who plans to use his grant to continue studying facism’s modern-day presence in Europe through his project “FEVER — The Awakening of European Facism.”

Fever-The Awakening of European Facism-Paolo Marchetti-2012 Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography winner

(Photo by Paolo Marchetti, winner, 2012 Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography)

“It wasn’t easy to build a relationship with them,” he says of his subjects (to hear his full remarks, watch the video below). “I started to meet them without my camera for more or less two months, to let them to know me, to understand my intentions, to smell me, to test my targets, my personality.”

This, he says, was the key to allow him to go “inside the flock.”

“I learned a lot,” he says. “The distance. The human, the mental distance, and the photographic as well … It is a huge lesson about an anthropologic factor that we need to mind.”

Our other grant winners are also working on projects covering issues that are too important to ignore, and you can read more about all of them on our grants site. In short, these projects include:

  • Bhrat Choudhary: The Silence of ‘Others’ – A project to document the experience of young Muslims and through this, reveal how social, political and economic factors are fueling the alienation of Muslim youth in France.
  • Sebastian Liste: The Brazilian Far West – A project that explores the lives of landless and jobless workers in the Brazilian countryside who submit to exploitation in the farms, creating new forms of modern slavery, accepting inhuman living and working conditions and wandering between estates and towns seeking opportunities to support themselves and their families.
  • Kosuke Okahara: Fragments/Fukushima — A project that covers the fact that Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants are still in critical condition, and people in Fukushima continue to be affected by the disaster.

We are grateful to all of our 2012 Editorial Grant Winners for thier continued dedication to the craft of photojournalism. We’re honored to support thier work and look forward to the  completion of their projects.

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