‘It’s not meant to shock’: A pause for Perspectives amid London revelry

August 9, 2012 | By Maria Dias | Archive, Friends, News, Our artists, Photography, Photojournalism

Perspectives, an exhibition by Reportage by Getty Images photographer Tom Stoddart,  is positioned on the south bank of the River Thames and stands in contrast to the celebration overtaking the rest of London.

But, “It’s not meant to shock,” Stoddart says of the exhibition, running through Sept. 11.

“It’s just meant to make people think a little more, at a time when the whole world is drawn together with this great sporting event, that there are areas of the world where people don’t have access to clean water or medicine, there’s problems with human rights. So it’s just kind of to keep it in perspective.”


SARAJEVO-1993: In the dangerous suburb of Dobrinja Meliha Vareshanovic walks proudly and defiantly to work during the siege of Sarajevo. Her message to the watching gunmen who surround her city is simple, “you will never defeat us.” (Photo By Tom Stoddart/Getty Images)

In the exhibition, which is free and open to the public, you can see some of Stoddart’s most compelling images, including photos of the Berlin Wall, Nelson Mandela, Sarajevo and Iraq, along with his latest work which documents the current suffering in South Sudan.

Watch the clip to learn more:

Perspectives Exhibition by Tom Stoddart from Hulton Archive on Vimeo.

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  • Richard Deverell

    Looking forward to viewing the Tom Stoddart exhibition on the South Bank. Inspirational.

  • Braulio

    I always like lonkoig at unusal photos especially when they make-up the girls for it. Have you ever heard of the photographer Tim Walker. He has some very neat photos. I just did a piece on him as well. I am going to add you to my blogroll because I really like yours. Have a good day! Daisy~