2012 Creative Grants_Photo by Klaus Thymann

Creativity for a Cause: Inside the Getty Images Creative Grants

July 26, 2012 | By Andrew Delaney | Art Of Photography, Community, Creative, Who We Support

Editors note: Applications for 2013 Creative Grants program are being accepted through March 1. To apply or for more information about the program, please visit www.gettyimages.com/grants which also features all of our winners and finalists, past and present.

We recently announced the winners of our 2012 Getty Images Creative Grants and I had the privilege of a front row seat as all the judging magic took place.

As Director of Creative Content at Getty Images NY, I spend my days analyzing and driving new, stunning and effective photography and video – visual content that makes you stop and think for a moment, content that moves you. That is just what our Creative Grants program strives to do – move you.

This grant program is unique in that we require the equal participation of a photographer or filmmaker partnered with a communications professional or agency.  Each brings an important perspective, talent and ingenuity to the creative process, helping to craft powerful and innovative campaigns on behalf of a nonprofit.

I have no doubt that this year’s recipients will do just that – shake things up a bit, all in the name of a good cause.

This year, we’re proud to support photographers Linka Anne Odom and Klaus Thymann, alongside agencies Good Pilot and Mother London, who have been selected as the recipients of this year’s Getty Images Creative Grants . The two teams will each receive US$15,000 to cover the costs of developing compelling new visual communications on behalf of their chosen nonprofit.

One of the highlights of the job is making the phone call to each of our grant recipients, informing them of their success. Their excitement is infectious and reaffirms the reason we started this program – to support photographers, filmmakers and communications professionals as they set out to effect positive change in the world.

More than 75 submissions from photographers, filmmakers and agencies in 20 countries were received this year; with this year’s winners both based in Europe.

Here is a little more on each of their projects:

Pathways sees Photographer Linka Anne Odom and agency Good Pilot collaborate with D-Foundation to pursue a project which aims to recruit volunteers to increase effectiveness of medical care provided to vulnerable people in India.  Through their unique installations, they hope to inspire doctors to travel to India and donate their skills to keep India healthy.

2012 Creative Grants_Photo by Linka Anne Odom

Photo courtesy of Linka Anne Odom


Project Pressure, by photographer Klaus Thymann and agency Mother London will visually highlight global glacial history, before it’s too late.  The grant will enable Thymann to travel to Bolivia, where he will document the field work of the Project Pressure team and the impact of glacial retreat on the local population. As well as imagery and video, Mother London will also utilize social media platforms and narrated slideshows to record his work.

2012 Creative Grants_Photo by Klaus Thymann

Photo courtesy of Klaus Thymann

We are grateful to our three judges, each leading industry professionals, for their insight and thoughtful consideration when selecting this year’s recipients.  Our gratitude goes out to:

  • Jonny Bauer, Head of Strategy at marketing agency Droga5
  • Karl Heiselman, CEO of branding and design company Wolff Olins
  • Chuck Tso, ECD, Visual Design, R/GA

In addition to the two successful grant recipients, two other outstanding grant applications stood out to the judges:

  • Photographer Heiko Hellwig and agency Echolot from Germany were honored for their proposal to support The Surfrider Foundation.
  • Madrid-based photographer Thomas Cristofoletti and agency Phibious, were honored for their proposal to support the non-profit Frederacao Camponesa KAFOin Guinea Bissau, which is devoted to the promotion of sustainable rural development for the local population.

You can read more on each of the finalists and winners’ proposals here.

Our support extends past the checkbook, as we offer each of the winning teams the option of collaborating with Getty Images’ team of art directors, photo editors and producers during the execution of their project.

Be sure to check back later in the year to see the resulting work and how it will be incorporated into the nonprofits’ communications here and on www.gettyimages.com/grants .

We are sure what you’ll see will inspire you.



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