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Pinewood’s splashy stage gets creativity flowing

July 19, 2012 | By Martin Yates | Creative, Friends, Our artists, Trends, Video

In preparation for a special guest, Pinewood studios asked renowned photographer Jonathan Knowles to set up a shoot which would showcase the studio’s famous water stage.

Jonathan is on my roster, as in, I’m his art director, and we get on well. So when he came to Getty Images for assistance, I knew I could come up with something good under a tight deadline.

I came up with two scenarios: one dance, one sport. Jonathan sent me a choice of models, and together we selected the best for the shoot. Working with a stylist we picked out a selection of relevant clothes that would work well with the water.

Jonathan is a skilled photographer and good at dramatic lighting — and he put those skills to good use on the large Pinewood stage.

The end results were great, a good mix of art and commerce with the dance and sport shots conveying a variety of concepts. As a last part, we put in some extra shoots with the umbrella… I myself modeled in one, as the male athlete was too big for the jacket!

[bra_slider w=660 h=460]Woman-Water-Red Dress-Jonathan Knowles-Stone-Getty Images-146667628Athlete-Running-Rain-Jonathan-Knowles-Stone-Getty-Images-146667664Businessman-Umbrella-Jonathan-Knowles-Stone-Getty-Images-146667660[/bra_slider]


Check out our behind the scenes video below, or to see the complete lightbox, click here.

All Images in slider by Jonathan Knowles.


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