New access to archival video gives ‘Pesticides’ (and more) new life

July 9, 2012 | By Matthew Murray | Archive, Trends, Video

Our recent launch of video vault, where you can view full-length vintage films and license just the specific seconds or pieces you need, has us thinking about archival content and its universal appeal.

It’s something Getty Images VP Archive Matt Butson knows a lot about. He has been in this industry for nearly 30 years – including the massive shift from analogue to digital — and was recently honored with an award from the Royal Photographic Society for his services to the photographic industry.

“The truth is, everyone and anyone can relate to archive, whatever their age or station in life,” Butson said “And that’s a connection that’s crucial in giving people the power to tell their stories in compelling ways.”


pesticides-safe use of pesticides-video vault-getty images-1963-1964-127829296

Screen shot of the 1960s 'Safe Use of Pesticides,' a video available for license through video vault. Click through the image to see more.


Our customers have a variety of ways to tap into that power – but the one Butson is most excited about these days is video vault, a  project with Media Recall in which customers have complete creative control to define and license long-form video.

Video vault is hopefully just the beginning in exposing more of our video content to our customers, much as we have done with our stills business,” Butson said.  

And the benefits are many. Since no deep file service is needed with this content, we can provide customers with material far more quickly.

So far, that content is a wide assortment of films from the turn of the century through the 1970s, covering a variety of genres, including documentaries, newsreels, feature films and shorts. But – as with our other services — more content will continue to be added.

“Many of the films have literally not seen the light of day in quite some time,” Butson said. “It has been fun rediscovering titles such as the 1963 film, “Safe Use of Pesticides,” which sounds like a snoozer, but surprisingly has some really interesting footage in it! Another favorite piece showcases beautiful color footage of post-WWII life in Japan: daily life, martial arts, home building and cultural pursuits.

We think this is going to be very useful for our broadcast and educational customers in particular.”

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