Woman in water: Using projected images to show connection to nature

June 29, 2012 | By Maria Dias | Creative, Visual Trends

How do you visualize how our bodies feel when we spend time in nature? Photographer Sot and Art Director Masa Kobayashi explored this idea visually, during a shoot that was a lot more complex than it looks in the video below.

Masa explains how they brought the concept to life in the clip — but, in a nutshell, it took 78 location images, three test shoots and the best of four projectors, expertly rigged by a team of technical support. In the end, Sot’s images are ethereal, yet feel crafty and analogue… take a look!



Woman, water, nature: One of a collection of images by Sot, expressing our human connection to nature in an analogue way. How did he shoot it? Art Director and Getty Images Manager, Creative Content Masa Kobayashi explains in the video below. (Photo by Sot, Stone collection/Getty Images, 141800881)


Masa sums up the concept:

“We spend so much time online these days … but I think there is this sensation that makes us feel very good when we spend time in nature. Maybe, as humans, we have not forgotten our roots.”

– Getty Images Manager, Creative Content Masa Kobayashi, who art directed the shoot.


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