Celebrities in flight: DVF to Elton John, always up close

June 22, 2012 | By Helene Gustavsson | Archive, Entertainment

This image of Diane Von Furstenberg by internationally published photographer Susan Wood is one of my favourites of the fashion icon – she really epitomises New York ’70s cool. Despite the fact that it was taken on a plane, and with a photographer present, it’s still a very private picture. One could well imagine her getting ready for a night out at Studio 54.


Belgian-born fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg combs her hair and looks at her reflection in a mirror, May 1979. (Photo by Susan Wood/Getty Images)

The classic image of stars on board planes holds an endless fascination, perhaps because of their essentially intimate nature. Even though the moment is often shared with fellow passengers, one still gets a glimpse into the celebrity’s own personal space. Mick Jagger, Coco Chanel… in our archives you can fly with them all.

[bra_slider w=660 h=440]Elton-John-airplane-flight-1975-Terry-ONeill-Getty-Images-136203443Paul-McCartney-in-flight-1966-Robert-Whitaker-Premium-Archive-Getty-Images-71210669Led-Zeppelin-sleeps-on-airplane-1969-Charles-Bonnay-Time-Life-Images-Getty-Images-71205357[/bra_slider]

Images in slider include:

English singer, songwriter and pianist Elton John in bed on board a private plane, circa 1975. (Photo by Terry O’Neill/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney talks to an air stewardess on board a Japan Airlines plane from Anchorage to Tokyo, at the start of the Beatles’ Asian tour, 28th June 1966. He is wearing a Happi coat provided by the airline. (Photo by Bob Whitaker/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

 Members of British rock and roll group Led Zeppelin sleep on board a plane during their second American tour, May 1969. They are, from left, drummer John Bonham (1948 – 1980), singer Robert Plant, and bassist John Paul Jones. (Photo by Charles Bonnay/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Editor’s note: Helene Gustavsson works with picture research at Getty Images and is one of the editors for the ‘Of the Moment’ blog. With a particular interest in fashion and social history, she also edits the weekly Getty Images e-mail feature ‘Style Now and Then,’ looking at both contemporary trends and the vintage inspiration behind them.

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