Preparing to be amazed (again!) in Cannes: Here’s where to find us

May 29, 2012 | By Maria Dias | Community, Creative, Go

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is always something we look forward to attending, with the Young Lions Competition at the top of our list.

The Young Lions Competition, designed to catapult rising creative stars set to redefine the future of advertising, is something we have looked forward to supporting for 15 years. Through all that time, these talented individuals have continued to delight us, and each year we can’t wait to be surprised and inspired by their work. 

Of course, Getty Images is proud to once again sponsor the Young Lions Competition. What does that mean exactly? Throughout the week, we give teams from around the world access to the full Getty Images library of digital content to compete in six, 24-hourlong competitions in categories including Film, Cyber, Media, Print, Marketing and Design.

But that’s not the only place we’ll be.

Cannes-Lions-2012-Mihaela Muntean-Flickr-Getty Images-135859727

Heading to Cannes Lions? Soak up some sun with us! (Photo by Mihaela Muntean, Flickr Collection/Getty Images 135859727)


…at the Palais


Find us from 10 to 5, Sunday to Saturday just outside the Palais in the lounge at the Cannes Also Creative Pavilion. Along with cold refreshments, ice cream treats and a photo booth, you can go back to your childhood and create works of art with Lego, Plasticine and Balloon workshops. 

Also, don’t miss our Master Class sessions on Mobile Photography, taking place daily at 2 p.m.

…on the beach


Book a meeting with your account manager to access our beachside networking lounge where we’ll be scheduling private, VIP Creative Trend presentations. You can plan some time with our creative thought leaders, Senior Director, Creative Imagery, Paul Foster and Manager, Creative Planning, Michaela Schwing to discuss:


Option 1: Visual Branding – Go Old School

What it’s all about: Loss of consumer confidence, the drive for consumers to take back the brand, be both local and global, break through the clutter – sound familiar? Marketers today face new challenges that may not require new thinking, but rather more diligent adherence to the fundamentals of branding. With a case study and examples of how content can tie it all together, we can show how the right visuals can help build strong brands.


Option 2: Visual Trends – Technology and Photography

What it’s all about: This presentation by our creative research team uses proprietary data to look at visual communication and the use of content in advertising and media. With a special focus on technology and photography, we’ll take a look at images and videos that give insight on future demographic, technological and social changes.


Option 3: Random Discussion!

Of course, you don’t have to select from the above topics … Paul and Michaela are more than happy to just sit down with you and discuss branding (or trends) in your specific industry. They also know quite a bit about random topics such as Angry Birds and all things Hipster.  



Or… Meet up with our staff of Getty Images representatives who will be on site, including your dedicated account manager, Senior Account Manager Cassandra Illidge. Grab a coffee (or perhaps a rosé?) beachside to talk about recent trends in digital content or whatever your developing content needs may be. Sound good? Then click here to register.


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