Wedding gift from Cat Heaven? To Flickr photographer, with love

May 18, 2012 | By Nico Piotto | Creative, Friends, Our artists, Trends

Editor’s note: Nico Piotto is an Italian Flickr Contributor, who was pleasantly surprised when a large US company offered to buy the rights to one of his photos, just before his wedding day. This is his story, inlcuding a sample of Nico’s other playful work:


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Among the gifts that arrived for our wedding, the most unexpected and surprising came from Cat Heaven!

In the past two years I have licensed about a hundred photos through Getty Images, including a picture of Mou, my poor red kitten, who died two years ago.

Since this photo was included on Getty Images, it helped me earn a few hundred dollars — and each time the photo was sold, my Francesca and I thought that little Mou wanted to contribute to the veterinary expenses of his feline friend Bart, bruised by a thousand diseases.

But this time, the little red scamp outdid himself!

And so, two days before our wedding, Getty Images informed me that a big company wanted to buy the rights to the picture, offering a sum that was (in my opinion) amazing.

Still, I gave it much thought, because by accepting the transfer of copyright, I would be waiving my rights to the photo.

But, in the end, Francesca and I have decided to accept. Why? Just because we felt it was yet another gift of our beloved cat.

All photos by Nico Piotto. For more information on becoming a Flickr Contributor, click here.

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