‘Hello’ video: Clever clip shows cops on the (and with a) beat

May 4, 2012 | By Rachel Cort | All Things Music Licensing, Creative, Music

We like this campaign, not just because of its clever use of “Hello Hello” — a song by Epic Hero available for license on Getty Images Music — but because it shows Staffordshire police as (gasp!)  people. People you could wave to — and who likely would wave back.

We asked Paul Newton, Senior Web Communications Officer for the Staffordshire Police about the thinking behind this clever spot, and this is what he had to say:


(Photo by Martin Child/Photodisc/Getty Images, 200339686-001)

“An important part of achieving our mission to ‘keep our communities safe and reassured’ is ensuring that we are visible and accessible. Our communities want to see that we are out on the streets and to feel that they can approach us.

Our high-visibility patrols and our (award-winning) use of social media during the national disturbances last August saw members of the public approaching officers and thanking them for the work they were doing to reassure them that there was no disorder in Staffordshire and policing continued as normal.

To promote more of this type of positive engagement and to re-engage with our 55,000 social media followers and increase this audience, we’ve produced a viral YouTube video which encourages people to come and say hello to officers and PCSOs on patrol. Set to music, it shows the Chief Constable and other officers and staff saying hello and waving to the camera.

We hope that people who watch the video will feel motivated to wave to or say hello to officers they see on the street. The video has been shared on our website, Twitter and Facebook sites, and also on hyper-local blog websites.

The music was chosen with the help of Getty Images. We originally were trying to get the rights to a popular pop song with similar ‘hello’ lyrics, but this proved to be a timely and expensive process with a negative outcome. Choosing the music through Getty was much quicker and better for our budget.”

Of course, we were glad to help with such a charming project… But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and see for yourself!

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