Tom Kelley’s beach bikinis, cold martinis still captivate

April 25, 2012 | By Getty Images | Archive, Creative

We’re captivated with the work of photorgapher Tom Kelley. More than 40 years of advertising shoots from the Tom Kelley studios in L.A. bring sun-kissed glamour, classic product shots and bold retro fashions to our archival collection. Here’s a sample … fantastic!

[bra_slider w=650 h=651]Woman in bikini with man holding surfboard-1969-Tom Kelley-Retrofile RF-Getty Images-120427713Man-with-drinking-glasses-1957-Tom-Kelley-Archive-Retrofile-RF-Getty-Images-119678177Picnic on the beach-1974-Tom Kelley-Retrofile RF-Getty Images-1204279151968-businessman-holding-fantastic-sign-1968-Tom-Kelley-Retrofile-Getty-Images-120360596[/bra_slider]

All images in slider by Tom Kelley. For more of his brilliant work, click here.

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  • Richard Deverell

    The Picnic Beach scene captures the essence of the classic retro ‘Summer of Love’ feel that I associate with the late 1960s. Even though the fashions (which look very 60s) are well in the background it still captures this feel of the late 60s summer through the entire image. I love it