CSR report: ‘Imagery, digital media have power to change the world’

April 5, 2012 | By Maria Dias | Community, Company News

Ever wonder what organizations and issues we support? Our CEO, Jonathan Klein, recently released this report, that details ‘Where We Stand,’ particularly in the areas of copyright, press freedom and our commitment to providing easy and legal access to content (with special pricing available for nonprofits).

From the report: 

“Imagery and other digital media are catalysts to understanding and have the power to change the world – to inspire, to drive positive change, to educate, inform and entertain. These simple beliefs are at the core of Getty Images and shape the way we operate our business and collaborate with our employees, contributors, customers and communities.

Our entire business is about creating and sharing the most powerful imagery, music and other digital media to help people communicate effectively and understand their world more clearly. We are keenly aware that our business affects individuals and society on many levels, every day and we do not take this responsibility lightly.”

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CSR-Citizenship Report-copyright-Getty Images-Where We Stand-getty images lizenz-Jorg Greuel-The Image Bank-Getty Images-10720213

This report details where we stand, particularly in terms of press freedom, copyright, and our commitment to providing easy and legal access to content. (Photo by Jorg Greuel/The Image Bank/Getty Images 10720213)

 To learn more about our corporate citizenship initiatives, visit our Community Involvment page at gettyimages.com.

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