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Flickr contributor says ‘Any subject can be interesting’ (even his friend’s sphynx cat)

March 6, 2012 | By Getty Images | Community, Creative

This picture started out as a simple, fun idea and ended with something I never thought was possible. The kitten is a friend’s. It’s a sphynx cat that I think is really cute. Many people find this breed ugly. Others like it. I’m part of the second group.

sphynx cat-Patrick Matte-Flickr Select-Getty Images-101880050

On a weekday night, we had some fun at my studio, testing light patterns, and trying to control that little not-so-furry thing that was moving around all the time. With its expressive face, its big eyes, I thought that it would do great stock photography. And I wasn’t wrong…

I’m inspired by light, natural or artificial. For me, many subjects can be interesting, as long as there is good light to make it shine.

Name: Patrick Matte
Lives: Quebec City, QC
Works: Web User Experience Designer

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