Photographer flies with F-16s, USAF to create powerful imagery (with video)

February 24, 2012 | By Beth Wachtel | Creative

Editor’s note: Renowned photographer Tyler Stableford spent some time with the US Airforce recently and took some amazing, emotionally compelling, powerful photographs. How did he do it? Check out the behind-the-scenes video below, as well as some insights from his editor, Getty Images Senior Content Editor Beth Wachtel.

Airforce-F-16-Tyler Stableford-Iconica-Getty Images-107741389

(Photo by Tyler Stableford, Iconica/Getty Images, 107741389)

When Tyler sent me the fighter pilot series to edit I was so struck by the beautiful quality of light, the iconic moments , and the graphic compositions. Beyond that, though, what I found quite unique was the way Tyler was able to establish such an intimate rapport with the pilots and capture the authentic emotion and connections between them.

The edit was fun, but difficult because there were so many brilliant images to choose from! It was a task to narrow down which were the most versatile for our clients when there were so many really strong options, but in the end we got a truly wonderful range of artful and impactful images and submitted the series for 2011 photography awards.

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