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Our shiny new API makes first appearance at a Hack Day

February 21, 2012 | By Matt Dahlgren | By Devs, For Devs, Go, Technology

In our first appearance at a hack day, we’re proud to be bringing our shiny new API to Photo Hack Day 2, presented by Aviary. Photos, bright ideas, New York, photos … we can’t think of a more appropriate place to let developers have at it with our huge range of photos and metadata.

Hack-laptop-Betsie Van der Meer-Stone-Getty Images-101929075

(Photo by Betsie Van der Meer, Stone/Getty Images 101929075)

Did we mention photos? Our API, called Getty Images Connect, will give developers access to all of our award-winning photography. Spanning subjects as diverse as news, sport, entertainment, historical and creative images, our library has over 35 million assets and counting. Plus our API provides access to our full breadth of metadata — personalities, keywords, location – it’s all in there. Check out our technical doc to get a glimpse at how it works.

So if you’re a developer with a keen interest in building something with amazing photos, and will be in New York over the weekend of February 25-26, sign up for the event. We’ll see you there.

Oh, one more thing. As a proud sponsor of Photo Hack Day 2, we’ll be selecting one hack to receive a prize of a $1,500 cash gift card. What will we be looking for? Interesting and innovative uses of our photography. Unexpected pairings of our content with other APIs. Brilliance. You simply need to have used our API in you hack to be eligible to win.

Get in on the action

What: Photo Hack Day 2

When: Feb 25-26

More information: Eventbrite

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