Conceptualizing Fashion Week in a way that feels authentic, intimate

February 13, 2012 | By Getty Images | Creative

Renowned creative photographer Thomas Barwick’s website says, “In a perfect situation, there is no awareness that the viewer is looking at a photograph. Rather, there is simply an emotional connection; a memory, a desire, a wish.”

Case in point? His Fashion Week-themed images which were recently featured on our creative team’s PEER blog .

Fashion Week-Thomas Barwick-Iconica-Getty Images-138488791

(Photo by Thomas Barwick/ Getty Images 138488791)

Captivating and realistic — the conceptual images are like being in the thick of the moment (which many Getty Images news and entertainment photographer’s were this week, by the way) … Can’t you almost smell the hairspray?

On Bartwick’s blog, he notes that the shoot took nine hours of shooting and three weeks of pre-production, not to mention a crowd of models and extras to be a part of it all. The result is rich, beautiful and certainly providing that aforementioned “emotional connection,” capturaing the intimacy of backstage as well as the glamour. 

Want more? For a glimpse at Barwick’s imagery — from dramatic to delicious — check out his work on Getty

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