Fototrove culls vintage imagery (use Flickr to submit yours)

December 14, 2011 | By Getty Images | Archive, Community

In 2009, while going through her family’s storage shed, Rebecca Tillett came across some old photographs and posted them on Flickr. Who knew they would catch our editors’ eyes?

With a bit of love, care and attention (Rebecca worked on cleaning them up in Photoshop) they now give us a wonderful glimpse into the lives and detail of the past through the Getty Images Fototrove collection.

“I have always loved and been infatuated with old photos,” Tillett said. “And until finding this treasure chest, had never really seen many color images of the early years of my grandparents’ marriage or of my father when he was little. Luckily, the heat in southern NM is dry and I wonder if that’s why they were still in such good condition.  I was enthralled with the find and immediately decided to scan and post them to Flickr to help in documenting the boxes that I scanned them from.”

We’re still growing the Fototrove collection and our editors are still looking for your old family snaps, so why not use this Holiday season as the perfect excuse to pick up those old dusty boxes from your attic and show us what you’ve found?

Fototrove provides us a compelling look back at how we documented ourselves: pictures of us, by us.  Curated from the family albums within the Flickr online photo community, these are retro snaps full of fun, warmth, the unexpected, the alluring, the bold and fascinating – in short, “All Human Life.”

Take a look at some of our favorites at Getty Images Archive ♥’s to get an idea of what we’ve got in mind, then read the details on how to submit your old prints and slides.

Husband and Wife Beside Motorhome-Getty Images-Fototrove-Rebecca R Tillett-118375629

Rebecca R. Tillett, a Gettty Images Flickr contributor, has always been infatuated with old photos, she says. Here is one she discovered in an old storage shed. (Photo submitted by Rebecca R. Tillett/Getty Images Fototrove collection)


Woman in housecoat with dog-Getty Images-Fototrove-Flickr-Rebecca R Tillett-119676921

Woman in housecoat with dog. (Photo submitted by Rebecca R. Tillett/Getty Images Fototrove collection)

We know it’s a grand ambition to reach out and curate an collection from scratch.  But when we first discussed the possibilities, a colleague remarked it reminded them of the legendary journalist and collector of pictures Henry Guttmann, who in the early part of the 20th Century, travelled the great cities of Europe in search of undiscovered gems. It’s a wonderful notion indeed, and though some of the romance of Guttmann’s day might be behind us, the spirit and tradition of discovery certainly lives on. We hope you can join us!


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