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How to create the perfect production audio track

December 8, 2011 | By Dwight Cheu | All Things Music Licensing, Community, Creative, How-to, Music

As VP of Getty Images Music, I see our clients placing millions of dollars of production audio licenses. We’re always looking for more contributing artists, so here are some tips for creating the most perfect production audio track:

Getty Images Music-Man singing into microphone-83673681-Jayme Thornton-Stone-Getty Images

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Creating the perfect production audio track


    • Try to create a track that is at least two minutes in length. Three to four minutes also is great because sometimes there are long-form uses that need longer songs (and it’s easier to cut a song down rather than extend it). In that same vein, creating a version that is loopable is very useful.


    • Where possible, please provide an instrumental edit of any lyric-based song, as well as 30- and 60-second versions. If your song has explicit or offensive lyrics, please also provide a clean version of that same song. Instrumental songs are placed far and above over lyric-based songs, but often times the client will be captured by the lyrics and then use the instrumental.


    • We need songs with all types of moods: dark, dramatic, sad, happy, playful, etc — but we tend to place happy/upbeat songs about 2/3 of the time.


    • The “perfect” song builds over time and crescendos at the end, finishing with a button/hard ending.


    • While we use songs from a huge variety of genres, we place the most Pop, Rock, Cinematic/Soundtrack, Hip Hop & Electronic. Also, the songs in the latest rage (for example, European Dub Step) license very well.


  • Pay a lot of attention to the production quality of the song. It maybe the very best song, but can be ruined at the production stage.

Good luck, have fun and keep those songs coming.

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  • Hip Hop Production

    These are nice tips for creating the best audio track. Do you guys actually license music? If so, I have some music available…

  • Dwight Cheu

    Hi, Hip Hop Knight:

    We certainly do license music. Check it out here:
    And if you’d like to submit music to us for licensing, follow this link:

    Remember though, we get tens of thousands of submissions each year and only accept a small percentage of what we receive. Production quality is the very first filter so send us your very best. Thanks for your interest!

  • Lawrence Nachsin

    Hi-I’ve been greenlit, I have three CD’s ready yet I cannot see find a submission address anywhere on the Pump site ….can you help a brother out?

    Also, is it necessary to submit a separate W-9 for each CD? Thanks!

  • Dwight

    Hi, Larry: great to hear that you’ve been greenlit for a full submission to Pump Audio.

    The submission address is:

    Pump Audio, Catalog Submissions
    P.O. Box 458
    Tivoli NY 12583

    If you need any more help, please email us at

    Thanks for your interest in Pump Audio and Getty Images!


    p.s. no a separate W9 isn’t needed with each submission, just the first one.