Watch the clip, get creative

December 2, 2011 | By Getty Images | Creative, Music, Visual Trends

Our mission is simple: to inspire communicators and give them the content and tools to help them create new and inspiring work of their own. We hope you find this video, chock full of compelling creative imagery, as inspiring as we do … and we would not be surprised one bit if the music (from our Pump Audio collection) is stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (Go ahead, hum along!)

Creative concept man with blue powder-121166283-Tara Moore-Stone-Getty Images

(Photo by Tara Moore, Stone+/Getty Images)

Want to indulge further into compelling creative imagery? Check out PEER – a blog produced by the Getty Images creative team. Enjoy!

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  • Hip Hop Production

    Yes. I love looking at creating works. Being a musician, I can appreciate art in vary mediums. These pictures on this video were great. You have definitely captured my imagination.