At SpikesAlso, Fostering Talent and Looking Twice

September 27, 2011 | By Sarah Lochting | Community, Creative, Go

This photo by Singapore photographer Hong Huazheng, titled "Watch This Space -- Pose", was a winner at this year's SpikesAlso competition.


The brief was simple: there are untold stories to be found everywhere. If you can’t see them, look twice. Capture a moment that makes the mundane beautiful.

Last month, Getty Images invited creatives from around the Asia Pacific region to submit their best pieces of photography for a new competition and exhibition launching at Spikes Asia, called SpikesAlso. Titled, Look Twice, the SpikesAlso theme celebrated the rediscovery of everyday life as an art form.

The judge, renowned Singaporean visual artist and photographer John Clang, whose own work is heavily influenced by the concept of finding inspiration in the world around, selected the final 20 pieces that formed the first exhibition of its kind in Singapore this month.

“Looking through all the images carefully and critically, I aim to let the images lead me to the mind of the creators”, Clang said.

“A good photograph can bring out very strongly the subconscious state within us,” he said. “Such images are enduring as it creates a constant contemplative space for us to view and think about our own existence, about our own space through the eyes and mind of another human. With this in mind, the selected images managed to do that wonderfully.”

This photo by Ashutosh Karkhanis, titled "The Lost City," was a winner at this year's SpikesAlso competition. Karkhanis, who is from India, is a Creative Director for Ray & Keshaven The Brand Union.


The exhibition space, which was brought to life in conjunction with The Brand Union and Lumina, embodied the exhibition theme of connecting the mundane to the beautiful. A bus shelter installation showcased the winning entries on LCD display panels, and festival delegates were free to wander through the space and interact with the exhibition – many using the shelter as a vantage point from which to observe the nearby presentations given by leaders from the local creative industry.

Providing a unique platform for those across the industry to showcase another side of their creative output, the competition also enabled aspiring photographers to obtain encouragement and feedback from Getty Images’ photo editors.

Stuart Hannagan, Director of Photography Asia Pacific at Getty Images, enjoyed the event.

“It is immensely rewarding to recognize and help foster talent within the creative community… ,” he said. “SpikesAlso is a fantastic platform to unearth and showcase the impressive depth and range of photographic talent that exists within the Asia Pacific.”

A selection of entrants will be invited to become Getty Images contributors, capturing real people, real settings and real events as they unfold and encouraging us all to open our eyes and Look Twice.

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