The Royal Wedding; not so important right now

April 28, 2011 | By Gerard McGovern | Entertainment, News

My life for the past six months has been predominately spent planning our coverage of the Royal Wedding. Without doubt it will be the biggest event we cover this year and hopefully our talented team will produce iconic photos that will live for generations. We’ve have nearly 100 people, all playing a unique and important role in making sure our customers and people across the globe share in the occasion.

With such an event comes a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility. I won’t lie; I’ve been telling friends and family that I cannot wait until 6pm on April 29th when we will be packing up and the day is over. It’s been hard work so far and will be even harder on the day.

And right now, I feel guilty for complaining.

In doing my job, the biggest danger I will face is a dodgy hamburger at lunch. I may even occasionally face a crazy taxi driver in a city I don’t know. Suppliers may let me down, technology may fail. I will get frustrated when something doesn’t go according to plan but, and here is the big but, at no point is my life in danger. I have it easy. I am lucky.

Last week, Chris Hondros, one of our photographers, died in Libya.

Chris, and many others like him, put their lives on the line to ensure that the truth prevails, that the world is able to see something that would otherwise be hidden. They not only have immense photographic talent but they possess a near super-human ability to work in the most horrendous conditions.

The world needs people like Chris and we are in a poorer place without him.

My thoughts and love are with his friends and family.

Gerard McGovern is a Manager of Events, Editorial for Getty Images

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  • Giorgio

    Well put Gerard.

  • Amber

    Thank you Gerard.

  • James

    My first reaction was, “The royal wedding; not so important right now”? And on the eve of the momentous event? Try telling that to millions of excitable fans in Britain and around the world. Only after reading on did I realize this is a tribute to photographer Chris Hondros who was killed in Libya the week before. May he rest in peace. Instead of wedding music and fanfare, his loved ones have a requiem. God bless them. For those following the wedding, do enjoy. But do spare a thought and a prayer for Chris and his family. If Pink says God is a DJ and life is a dance floor, let the music play on, whether in wedding music or requiem.