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March 17, 2011 | By Jonathan Klein | Community, Company News, News

From Jonathan Klein, Getty Images Co-founder and CEO:

The news of the recent devastation in Japan has stunned and saddened all of us at Getty Images over the past few days. The uncertainty that lingers as this crisis unfolds is incredible, and it is a situation we are watching closely.

I am comforted to know that our Getty Images and iStockphoto employees in Tokyo are safe; however, we know that many of our friends and customers have been affected by this tragedy and the gravity of this situation cannot be overstated.

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Notwithstanding our encouragement to make themselves and their families their top priority, our Tokyo-based employees continue to do their best to serve our customers in the face of additional earthquakes, logistical issues and power outages.  In addition, our photographers are on the ground ensuring that images conveying the magnitude of this tragedy are available to our customers – the organizations and media outlets that need them.  We are also cautiously balancing our duty to report on this situation with our greatest responsibility: the safety of our employees.

Like many companies, Getty Images is matching individual employees’ donations to qualified organizations providing direct relief, both to Japan and another area affected by a recent earthquake, New Zealand.  Through our sister site,  iStockphoto, we will also soon be matching customer donations to select organizations working in these areas.

We salute everyone in our creative and news gathering communities who are also supporting those in need.

Efforts to recover and rebuild will be long and complex, and we will continue to keep a close eye on these operations so that we may offer support in ways that make sense.  Above all, we will continue to keep those who have been affected – either directly or indirectly – in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

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