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February 17, 2011 | By Getty Images | Technology, Website updates, What We're Working On

There’s nothing so nice as taking something that’s already good and making it even better. And that’s just what we’ve done with our search function.

We’ve added in new options, so now you can choose to search for images that are most relevant to the keyword you have entered. Or you can search for the newest images we have for that keyword.

It’s what our tech people call ‘relevance’ and ‘recency.’ Everyone else would probably think of it as ‘best match’ and ‘newest’.

For example, in the past, if you searched for ‘water’ you’d get imagery including water – like waterfalls, oceans, couples by the sea and so on. Water would play a big part in the image but it wouldn’t necessarily be just water. Choose ‘best match’ and you’ll now get images of water, nothing more, nothing less.

And, if you choose ‘newest’, you’d get all our latest imagery of water. All fairly self explanatory really. But it could make your search that much quicker, which can only be a good thing. And keep checking out our search as we are always adding new functions and features.

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  • http://www.johnlund.com john lund

    I think this is a great new feature…well done!

  • http://photo-help.com/ Cool Pictures

    It will be great if you publish a better quality image. Nothing is visible now.

    And can the “Newest images” be “Best match” images too? Only the newest images of only the water?



  • admin

    is the image showing up for you now?