Marilyn Monroe In Motion At Age 15

February 17, 2011 | By Bridget Burns | Archive, Entertainment

Premium Archive Films Editorial

Getty Images is happy to say we have just added charming, early, home movie footage of young Marilyn Monroe at the beach to our online Premium Archive Films offerings.

Monroe, clad in a white bikini, runs, flips, and cartwheels into the camera with her young charges, settling down for a waving group portrait.

The footage may be the first film taken of Marilyn Monroe.  Chester Howell, a friend of Marilyn’s guardian, Ana Lower, filmed this footage with his 16mm camera.  Marilyn used to babysit for the children in the film and also have her dates pick her up at their home, where she was babysitting, because it was a nicer house than the one she lived in.

Premium Archive Films Editorial

see the full clip here.

The Getty Images’ Premium Archive Films collection also houses home movie footage of Albert Einstein in color,  a young Elizabeth Taylor in color, Elvis Presley backstage,  and Liza Minnelli as a toddler, in addition to unique coverage of The Pentagon on September 11, 2001 .

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  • Mina

    It is always amazing how much material there is about Marilyn,and it seems that it never ends.
    THis woman has been photographes more than a billion times (and filmed)
    Anyway,she was it worth…

  • Mina

    I wonder,where people find these wonderful videos.
    I didn’t knew that at that time,private owners had cameras.
    Very sweet video with a very sweet Marilyn

  • Cassie

    Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful person and unfortunately there isn’t that many people like her around anymore. She looked at life in a different way and that’s why I think of her as a role model. She is an inspiration to me and hopefully to many others. She will never be forgotten. Love you Marilyn!