Ice, Kitty Litter and Lombardi

February 10, 2011 | By Maxx Wolfson | Sport

Now that the Lombardi Trophy is back where it belongs in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our team from Getty Images can also return home and reflect on the week that was. Having a group of almost 50 people from Getty Images (sport and entertainment) heading to Dallas this past week for Super Bowl XLV between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we dealt with some unforeseen factors that we typically don’t come across for a sporting event.

Ice and lots of snow and hardly any way for Dallas to make the roads drivable gave the early week setup crew (Travis Lindquist, Michael Heiman, Carl Erwich, Win McNamee and myself) a nightmare of a time getting our trailer at the stadium setup along with our positions inside Cowboys Stadium. On Tuesday after media day finished, I literally skated from the main entrance of Cowboys Stadium, to our trailer outside to find that both our doors to our trailer were frozen shut.

We continued to remind ourselves that we were in Texas, not Green Bay. We stayed in for dinner most of the week since the roads were so dangerous to drive on and when we did drive cars other drivers were crashing into the walls on the highway. It was literally scary and each time we were thankful we made it to our destination.

The ice was so thick at the stadium, we had to buy boxes of kitty litter to melt the ice around the trailer since there was no salt or sand anywhere in Dallas to buy. Luckily, that seemed to work as we slipped on the ice constantly but sustained no injuries. However, one of our photographers wasn’t so lucky. Shooting snow features around the stadium, ice fell from the roof and landed on him along with five other people. Our photographer sustained an injury was put on injured reserve and had to fly back home.

On Sunday though, clear skies, warmer temps and the outlook was looking a lot better.  For those people who flew into Dallas Sunday morning, they had no idea what happened the week leading up. With 11 photographers placed inside the stadium plus three more from our entertainment team, Getty Images was ready to make up for a nightmarish week, with a good game. Thanks to some fancy technology setup by Carl Erwich and a few runners smartly placed throughout, the photographers inside the stadium were able to shoot pictures that were edited by a team of seven editors and captioners in the trailer nearly in real-time.

Hitting websites, and having pictures run in the daily papers the next day is always a good reward for the struggles of a week like we had. Luckily, we did extremely well with having pictures run on websites like,, along with pictures running on the front page of major papers like the San Francisco Chronicle, NY Daily News, NY Post, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Seattle Times and Philadelphia Inquirer plus many more. With just under a year away from Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, we will definitely be more prepared for Mother Nature. Plus, the outdoor Super Bowl in NY is just three years away.

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