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December 8, 2010 | By Peggy Willett | Technology, Website updates

By now, you should know we never rest on our laurels.

We’re always looking to improve upon our website functionality and overall customer experience, often conducting usability studies and listening to our customer’s feedback. And sometimes, it can be little things that can make a huge difference.

In response to customer feedback, we’ve recently changed our file size description as JPG across all imagery available on

Previously, our image files were listed as a TIFF file format while the raw image files delivered to our customers were listed as JPG.  Now, what you see is what you get.  Using a similar (or the same) file size naming convention will provide further clarity to our customers on what they are ordering.

We also realized that our current 1 MB image file available across our creative royalty-free offering was not optimized for web usage given today’s ‘common screen resolution.’  According to the W3School, 76% of the displays in the world are set at 1024×768 or greater.  To better improve this product, we have increased the 1 MB image file to 3 MB so that the long edge, on average, is closer to 1100 — without any change in price.

Customers will now see this new 3MB file size on any creative royalty-free image asset detail page* and price calculator, and the following options are available to customers who have previously purchased a 1M RF image:

•    If a customer has purchased the 1MB file size but has not yet downloaded it, they can download the 3MB file instead when they return to their purchase history page.

•    If a customer has purchased the 1MB file size and has already downloaded it, they can now download the 3MB file in their purchase history page.

(* Note: Due to contractual obligations, imagery from PhotoAlto and Image Source are not available in this file size. This file size is not available as a download option for our rights-managed imagery.)

Let us know what you think of these changes and our continued efforts to better improve our products and services.

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  • Rosanne Cleveland-King

    This seems like an appropriate place to ask my question. I was asked (on Flickr) to submit six of my photos to Getty Images. I signed up with Getty, and promptly went on a nice cruise for a couple of weeks. Now that I am ready to submit my images, I cannot fine the criteria for doing so. What size, what other criteria and where do I submit them. I even called Getty images and was told to look on the Getty Flickr site. Not much there, as far as I could see. Can you help, please? (WORKING WITH TOM WEAR TO ADDRESS – MD)

  • admin

    Hi, Rosanne! This blog isn’t directly related to our Flickr partnership, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction. If you login on the site where you signed up ( there is an extensive FAQ in the Help section (by the way, that FAQ is available to anyone, signed up or not). Also when you are signed in, you should see your images there to be worked on. When you click on one of them there will be information and guidance on file size and everything else you need to upload the images to us. Welcome to the Getty Images Flickr Collection!