Getting Ready for the Commonwealth Games

October 1, 2010 | By Getty Images | Sport

Matt King poses with the mascot upon arrival.

So far so good in sunny Delhi! We have arrived in time to set up and explore before the 19th Commonwealth Games begin. We arrived to our spacious and secure hotel at 3 AM with the help of full police escorts through the streets of Delhi.

Our hotel room.

The MPC (Main Press Center) which you can see from the images on the site was a relief to see. It is spacious, cool, very clean and semi-organized. Having said that it’s all in true India style with internet and various office items still not working.

We made time for a car tour of some on the venues in Daniel Berehulak’s car. Daniel, once based in Sydney and the UK, now lives in Delhi, and it’s great to have him here on the ground.

He was gracious enough to invite the whole team to his home for a team BBQ with roof top views over the main stadium.

Getty Images team BBQ.

It has been very interesting to immerse ourselves into the  Indian way of life. We have lots of work to do and it is a very different culture but the actual want to get things done by the locals is refreshing and yes the food so far is good. We’ve had a lot of fun capturing images throughout the city. Because we arrived early (Commonwealth Games venues don’t open until October 1) we decided to visit the Taj Mahal. What an amazing experience!

We captured the Taj Mahal from every angle and used the opportunity to upload about 80 images to the site from the day.

Today we start work in earnest as stadiums open and we get to shoot some athletes, take a look inside venues and sort out communications etc. It’s exciting to get going! Keep an eye on to see how our shots turn out. More soon!

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  • Ben Madden

    Full police escort! I want on the team, or, as the song goes” put me in, Coach, I’m ready to pla.”