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March 29, 2010 | By Bridget Burns | Archive, Entertainment

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If you grew up in 1970s, 80s or 90s  you will surely remember anticipating ABC’s After School Specials .  Whether or not you were a latchkey kid or watched these mini movies with your parents they were bound to entice kids and teens with controversial themes.  They were also launching pads for actors who went on to be household names in later years.

Above, a young Cynthia Nixon stars as Amy Cassidy, who has a crush on her new English teacher (Mark LaMura), who resembled a soap opera idol.

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Michelle Pfeiffer played Annie, one of four high school friends whose lives changed forever when her boyfriend Eric (Val Kilmer) drives drunk with devastating results, in the 1985 ABC Afterschool Special, ‘One Too Many’.

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‘Wanted: The Perfect Guy’ – 10/1/86, In one of his first major roles, Ben Affleck (right) starred as Danny Coleman, a young teen who, with the assistance of his best friend, Melanie (Pam Potillo), sought happiness for his divorced mother by finding ‘Mr. Right’

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‘The Almost Royal Family’ – 10/24/84, The Henderson family inherits a house on a tiny island between Canada and the U.S., and is not the jurisdiction of either country., Pictured: Sarah Jessica Parker, John Femia, Mary Elaine Monti, Garrett M. Brown, Frederic Koehler.

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