Photography creates a positive change in the lives of Mayan-Mam children in the highlands of Guatemala

March 10, 2010 | By Robert Kent | News, Photography

The students of Loma Linda

With funds generated through Compassionate Eye Foundation’s Summer Solstice Shoots and donations provided by Getty Images, OJO Images and a group of private donors, 25 girls and 32 boys from Loma Linda received a new, extended three-classroom school. The school was built to replace an existing one-room school that was prone to floods during the rainy season.

Loma Linda is a small village in Guatemalan highlands, which is home to 235 indigenous Mayan people of the Mayan-Mam community.

Image of the construction site; The site offers an amazing view of the valley and surrounding mountains, including Tajumulco, the highest peak in Central America

In March 2009, Compassionate Eye Foundation coordinated with a local non-governmental organization to manage the construction of the building, and, as Loma Linda voluntarily assisted in the construction of their new school, the people in the village used the needed resources to construct a better future for the youth of their community.

Education is at the heart of development. Schools are where children, the future of a community, go to share ideas, gain the skills to find employment and learn about important topics such as health and the environment.

Inauguration; The new school opened the doors for its students on January 5th 2010

This year again, around June 21st, photographers around the world will come together to produce high quality stock photography shoots and donate the copyrights to Compassionate Eye Foundation. Together, award-winning photographers, producers, art-directors, models and other industry professionals will produce images and film clips to become part of CEF collection on, providing on-going funding to the communities the non-profit supports.

In further support of CEF and all the photographers involved, Getty Images also donates an additional share of the company’s revenue from each licensed image.

Image of the school’s plaque; Community of Loma Linda says “Thank You“ to its supporters by making a plaque for the school’s entrance

To find out more about the Summer Solstice Shoots, Compassionate Eye Foundation and the communities it supports, please visit:

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