Workin’ It: Thermal Layers

February 26, 2010 | By Lindsay Morris | Olympics, Sport

Photo by Lindsay Morris

Photographer Cameron Spencer has worked at Getty Images for eight years and while Vancouver is his first Winter Olympic Games, he previously covered the Summer Games in Beijing in 2008 for the company. His favorite part of covering the Olympics is, “seeing the best athletes in the world performing at their peak and covering many events that I don’t get to regularly shoot.”  This year, Cameron was given the opportunity to shoot many sports he has never covered before, such as ice hockey, freestyle skiing, curling, figure skating, speed skating and ski cross.  He also loves working with the passionate Getty Images team. “The sports team here in Vancouver includes some of the most talented people at their craft in the world and we are given the creative freedom to try new things with our photos. Everyone here works so hard and we are rewarded with stunning imagery at the end of the event.” As a longtime snowboarder himself, Cameron’s favorite Olympic sport to watch is the snowboard halfpipe. “Being able to shoot a sport you love to do and also watch guys like Shaun White who have progressed the sport to another level is a privilege to witness.”

For Cameron, the most challenging part of covering the Games is working outside in the elements and carrying all his equipment though the snow.  “It can be tough. Physically you have to be fit and prepared with the right technical wear to keep warm and comfortable so you can focus on taking great pictures.” Cameron keeps warm and comfortable while covering events by wearing the thermal pants pictured above.  “I wore them under my snowboard pants and came to dinner straight off the mountain.  They are rude [that is Australian for loud or busy] however I generally don’t walk around with them revealed, but they keep me cozy in the snow, which is what counts.”

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  • Omega Diosdado

    Well, must say that i watched at a couple of great games the past days. Although i have to comment that it isnt said those guys with the leafs shall win with ease from the USA. Again Canada won with some luck tonight from Slovakia. The US will win sunday with 5-2! Another thing: Hey Crosby! Get a laugh at your face once in a while!