Workin’ It: Olympic Flare

February 24, 2010 | By Lindsay Morris | Olympics, Sport

Photo by Lindsay Morris

Janey Marks has been working at Getty Images for eleven years and this is her eighth Olympic Games.  She manages all the Olympic relationships in North America, including the Vancouver Olympic Committee and the US Olympic Committee.  During the Games, she focuses on outreach and photo assignment leads for North American Olympic sponsors.  Janey began participating in the art of Olympic pin trading during her first Olympic Games in 1984 when she worked for Budweiser. “Clients and friends often give me pins so I am fortunate I don’t have to trade my valuable ones.  I’ve learned that producing Getty Images’ Olympic pins is a  wonderful and inexpensive way for the Getty team to garner access on site at venues and with volunteers etc.”  Some of her favorite Olympic pins are her Katie Couric bobblehead pin from Torino as well as the NBC Olympic camera pin that lights up with batteries.  A couple other favorites include the AT&T flip phone and the  AT&T jump drive pin from Beijing.  Her passion though is for  Olympic  corporate pins, “because they are all unique and they try to outdo each other each and every Games.”  Janey also coordinates the Getty Images team apparel during the Games. “We want to get Getty Images’ name out there in Getty Images branded gear, and whether it is teaming up with Spyder for the Winter Games or with Adidas for the Summer Games, we  always want to insure we look professional and like a team.”

Janey’s favorite part of the Games is networking with clients who have also become friends.  “The best part of what I do is to be able to over-deliver to clients on photo assignment and photography needs throughout the Games which is beneficial as we look to cross sell our Getty services throughout the year.”

Janey looks forward to the Opening Ceremonies at every Olympic Games.  “They are incredibly special to me, as well as being part of the camaraderie and amazing team effort that goes into producing a successful Olympic Games for Getty.”  Her favorite parts of this year’s opening ceremony was when the snowboarder jumped through the Olympic rings as well as when K.D. Lang sang “Hallelujah”.  “For me, the Olympics will always be a part of who I am and what I do.  I am very fortunate to work for a wonderful company where my personal passion is also what I do for my career.”

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