A Whirlwind in Whistler

February 24, 2010 | By Helen Tapping | Olympics, Sport

My husband and me cheering on the amazing athletes.

The first week of the Olympics has been a whirlwind of amazing sporting action as well as some up close moments with some and athletes.

We went up to Whistler to watch the rumble of the men’s luge from the rail in the last turn; saw the men’s mogul training session (Canada’s first gold on Canadian snow). From my volunteer post I also saw both half pipe contests. The highlight? Shaun White land a 48.4 (out of 50) courtesy of his Double McTwist 1260 to win gold. Unbelievable!

It has been interesting watching the snowboarders prepare for their event. While other athletes get  “in the zone” stretching and doing yoga, the snowboard athletes were basically hanging out, chatting to us and each other. The French team entertained themselves by donning  mustaches.  I obviously was keen to aid this ridiculousness and provided the Sharpie as well much encouragement!

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