Volunteering in Vancouver

February 10, 2010 | By Helen Tapping | Sport

There are 25,000 volunteers for this Olympic Games all of them in identical uniforms. This means 25,000 blue smurfs milling around Vancouver. I am one of them and blue is not my color.

I have a volunteer post on Cypress Mountain in the snowboard athletes lounge but at time of writing this post  (three days until Opening Ceremonies) there is still no snow. Currently, they are creating the courses with wooden frames, hay bales and snow flown in by helicopter. There are three now in action right now:

The weirdest thing is no one in charge seems to be in any state of panic. Not sure if they have it under control or if it’s just the Canadian way…

Working in the snowboard athletes lounge with no snow, means no training, and that means no athletes! So far, I have watched a lot of TV. Unfortunately the lounge TVS are tuned only to the official Canadian sponsor TV channel so we have watched a lot of Dr Phil.

One of my duties in next few days is to get the athlete’s music requests in for their selection of tunes for when they compete. I wonder how much trouble I would get into for filling in a selection for Shawn White with  something like Celine or Whitney. Probably quite a lot, I don’t want to be fired from volunteer post on day one.

More to come soon!

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  • http://www.gettyimages.com Peggy Willett

    H, just get them some Pump Audio music, what could be better?