Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography winner, Andy Spyra completes his project entitled “Conflict in Kashmir”

February 4, 2010 | By Jamie Penney | News

In his project summary, Andy shares the following,  “I first came to Kashmir in the early spring of 2007 at the end of a motorcycle trip across India and simply fell in love with the region, the people, the light and the atmosphere of this remote place of the world. But as much as I love it, I struggle with the political situation of the valley. Currently there are two conflicts in Kashmir, tightly woven into each other.  The more known one is the international, atomically loaded border dispute between India and its archenemy Pakistan about the affiliation of Kashmir between the two states. The other, less known and the one I’m trying to document, is the inner-Kashmiri conflict on the Indian side of Kashmir, which is two-thirds of the complete territory.”

He also shares how the  Getty Images Grant has enabled him to continue his work on documenting the lives of the those living in the Kashmir conflict. “I think the most exciting and impressive stories are always those which are made out of personal interest or dedication to a country, a region or a specific issue and not necessarily the stories that have a high news value in the international media.  For me, Kashmir is one of those personal stories I feel is important to tell.  My work is visual documentation about how these people cope with their life in a conflict zone and my attempt to share one part of our modern history,” said Andy.

To read the rest of Andy’s summary, go to Getty Images.

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  • Asif

    Kashmir very beautiful part of the south Asia, but India is killing innocent Kashmir peoples. UNO resolution was to Kashmir peoples should be given right to decide with what country you want to live, but there is 5 lack of Indian army still in Kashmir forcing peoples to live with India.
    I hop Getty images will highlight the tragedy happening there everyday by India terrorist army.