Letterman In A New Light

October 5, 2009 | By Bridget Burns | Archive, Entertainment


Susan Wood/Getty Images

Photographer Susan Wood captured some lovely moments of public figures who weren’t quite at the peak of their fame… yet.  A younger Martha Stewart kindling her domestic empire, Yoko Ono and John Lennon at home, Anderson Cooper as an aristocratic child. Some of my favorite Susan Wood photos in the Getty collection show David Letterman at home, in Westchester New York.  These are intimate and playful photos that belie the unruffled character we see late nights on television.

Somehow, after news of his office affairs was aired, every vaguely flirtatious gesture is loaded with sexuality that went unappreciated before. Letterman has always had a buttoned-up sex appeal and  Drew Barrymore played on his bashful rigidness in 1995 when she flashed him on set. The scandal has potentially made Letterman more human, sexier and blessed with higher ratings.  It has also potentially alienated a portion of viewers who will find his behavior inappropriate?  Which camp are you in?


Susan Wood/Getty Images

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