MISHMASH Music Video Remix Competition by Getty Images

September 25, 2009 | By Getty Images | Music

Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Getty Images presents the MISHMASH music video remix competition.  What is MISHMASH? It’s a competition for people who enjoy remixing and editing music and film.  Create a music video using one (or a mix of 5) Pump Audio music tracks and at least 50% of Getty Images’ footage clips & imagery.  Submit your video before 15 October 2009 for the chance to win a MacBook Pro 17inch with Final Cut Studio.

MISHMASH Music Video Competition is open to any person over 21 years of age, who are residents in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and UK and are working for agencies or production companies.

To get all the details and to register for the competition visit MISHMASH.

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  • http://www.chrisgavin.com chris gavin

    I like the idea of this competition. However, entrants be warned…

    Under the terms and conditions their entry must be DESTROYED at the end of the competition. No entrant to the competition (even the winner) will be able to use the work created for any showreel or on-line use. So before spending the many hours required to create their artwork, be assured that entrants will have to delete everything they have done at the end of the competition…
    The small print says entrants will otherwise need to license all of the material used, but I rather suspect this will be prohibitively expensive and unworkable. Very disappointing but it’s clearly here in the rules…

    2. Contestants may not use any content obtained from the Getty Images Website for any other purpose that their participation in the Competition and must destroy all copies of such content immediately after their participation to the Competition. Should contestants wish to use the produced video clips on their websites or for their own promotion, they must license the assets, which will be given to them at a discounted rate

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    Thanx for the valuable information. I like the idea of this competition very much…. keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.