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Remembering the Importance of Music

August 20, 2009 | By Larry Mills | All Things Music Licensing, Music
200467761-001-Frank Gaglione/Getty Images

200467761-001-Frank Gaglione/Getty Images

So I was on vacation last week in an undisclosed location.  It’s remaining undisclosed because it was beautiful and I don’t want too many people to go there.  Anyhow, my wife, baby and I shared this beach house with another couple, who also had one child.

The husband, Rob, is an enormous music fan with an amazing ipod which we listened to all week.  Knowing that I’m in the music business and having gone to a few shows together, Rob was excited to talk music – everything from how great Ron Wood is, to up and coming bands from Boston, to opining how underrated the Pina Colada song is (which it is, listen to it again, it’s funny and good – especially the O’Malley’s line).

It was reassuring in a way to listen to music and talk music with someone who is really just a fan, and an at-home guitar player.  You can forget sometimes what music means to people when it’s your work.

Why am I talking about this? I ‘m talking about this because it triggered in me the importance of music in people’s lives.  And how that importance translates into what Pump Audio is all about.  Our music tea consists of music lovers and musicians that listen to every track that’s submitted – we now have over 40,000 fully classified tracks in our Pump Audio collection – which is an amazing feat.

Our staff, many who have been with Pump for years, are fully supportive of the independent music scene and continue to be the engine room for our business, which creates the millions of dollars that we pay out to independent artists every year.

Not sure there’s any news here – more on that later.  I just wanted to remind everyone, and myself that we have the most dedicated music team out there – making things happen and I’m proud to be part of the continued Pump Audio movement.

Maybe it was the sand and waves that have me thinking this way – but I’ll take it.

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