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July 15, 2009 | By Gerard McGovern | Sport


I’ve just returned from Turnberry, Scotland which is hosting this year’s Open Golf Championship. Sadly despite the glorious photo above the weather was mostly atrocious and the accommodation was, how can I put this diplomatically, interesting. Turnberry is a very exclusive golf resort which in turn means hotels are somewhat pricey. This year Team Getty are located in the nearby Haven Caravan and Holiday Park and I will confess this was the first time I’d stayed the night in a house that has wheels.

We all joked about the slightly bizarre nature of our sleeping arrangements and I shall put my hands up to say I was more critical than most.

Then an email came in from Jonathan Klein; one of our photographers had been arrested in Iran.

Before getting that email I had no idea who Majid Saeedi was. I’d probably seen his byline on countless photos, much in the same way I always notice a Getty Images byline, but his name was not familiar. It most certainly is now.

When I wake up (in a house on wheels) and go to work, there are numerous challenges and problems that could come my way. Broken equipment, suppliers letting us down, technical issues and so on. Getting arrested just for doing my job? Never.

Complaining about sleeping in a caravan seems so trivial now.

I, along with everyone at Getty Images, wishes a safe and speedy release of Majid.

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