Madonna, Morrissey & Moore At 50

June 30, 2009 | By Bridget Burns | Archive, Entertainment


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The passing of Michael Jackson at the relatively green age of 50 has reminded us that his contemporaries, Madonna, Thurston Moore and Morrissey are very much alive.   It is hard to believe that Sonic Youth’s ever boyish Thurston Moore, grand dame of pop Madonna, and Morrissey are all, give or take a few months, 50 years old this year.  All three began their careers in earnest around the same time in the early 1980′s, at times brushing shoulders with one another.  Madonna was the opening act for The Smiths at their first New York City show in 1983, and Sonic Youth has always fancied Madonna, going as far as covering Madonna songs in their side project, Ciccone Youth and naming a song: “Expressway To Yr  Skull, Madonna Sean and Me” from their 1986 album EVOL.

Somehow fame goes hand in hand with age for me at least and Jackson seemed worlds older than Madonna, Morrissey and Moore.  Each of these artists is still relevant in 2009 in their own ways and in their particular niches.  Have these 50 year olds gone the way of the dodo or do we care about their work?  See more then and now here.


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