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June 11, 2009 | By admin | Website updates

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Andy Reynolds/Getty Images

A re-designed details page

Key information about our images and clips is now easier to find.

  • Faster display when you click an image or clip thumbnail.
  • Physical dimensions shown along with price for royalty-free images.
  • Similar images or clips, when available, are shown directly on the details page.

Similar images and clips shown automatically

We’ve added a new feature. When searching our site, it’s now easier to find similar images and clips. For about a third of our creative images and clips, we’ve selected similar shots from the same day and contributor. Where available, you can see them in the following ways:

    1. On the search results page

A See similar images (or See similar clips) link appears below the thumbnail. It will take you to a new page that shows similar shots for that specific image or clip. Example of similar images link on search results page

Tip: You can open this link in a new browser tab or window.

    1. On the details page

A thumbnail view of similar images or clips appears in the upper-right of the details page. Example of similar images on details page

Get involved

If you’d like to give us feedback or participate in the user research that shapes our website, please sign up at or send us a message.

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  • Liz

    I’ve been having a play around with the new ‘Similars’ feature today, and it looks promising, however, I’m wondering, is there a way (or will there be a way) to enable customers to turn this feature on or off? I’m speaking as a photographer, and I think the idea will be a revolutionary for Lifestyle shoots, but I’m more concerned about more individualistic content such as Travel imagery, in that I’m seeing quite distinct content ‘hidden’ behind the top shot. Will there be an option for people searching to switch off this function, and see the complete search? I’m concerned unique imagery will get lost, and sales will be lost, if clients can’t be bothered to click through multiple stacked images. Just a thought.

  • Rebecca

    Where is the option to download high res preview images?

  • Laura

    This is the second time the option to download hi res images has disappeared from your site. That’s the main reason I go to your site. ;(

  • admin

    All of the options are still there: we’ve just consolidated them. Any options to do with purchasing or downloading are below the metadata in the pricing section. Hope that helps!

  • admin

    Liz – thanks for your comment. This is something we’re keeping an eye on. Feel free to send us specific examples through the Comment on the site link.

    The Similars feature just takes images (and clips) that are visually very similar & makes them accessible — regardless of genre. Travel photos aren’t treated any differently to lifestyle or object shots.

    The end result should be that your alternative shots are connected together and available much higher up the search results than they were before. (Previously, the similar shots might have been several or many pages later in the results.)

  • Carl Berg

    I found many knockouts hidden in the new function behind an image that wasn´t an image on white background at all. This complicates my searches a lot. I´m not looking for images on white background only and would be happy to have the old image presentation as an option.
    The competitors offer a better choice in search functions. I don´t want to learn a new system on every site. Best regards C. Berg

  • John

    I think your new feature is good, as long as, images are tagged if the are (clearly) visually similar, as you point out.. This obviously gives customers immediate other options, and would not hide different ,quality, images behind the front one. (hope that makes sense).
    a specific example where this is not the case is image of statue of liberty 87746971. The similar image option shows one more image of S.O.L behind it 87746957
    But this is not visually similar at all. Therefore to my mind hiding a strong image (I would say that It’s mine!) that would potentially get lost ?
    I do take your point though that similar images together is much better for the photographer than many pages apart .
    Before the S.O.L images were tagged one of these images was on page two and one on page four. As they are clearly visually different I personally think there was more potential in that .

  • Steve

    Forgive me, but I still can’t find the option to download the high-res versions. Can you help?

  • zhouxing

    I’m a Chinese student, I want to find some pictures here as my learning material. thank you very much

  • pravin

    pl. give your tumbnail catlog only

  • lenaleus

    some months ago I listen a music according to mood on your site. Please help me to find this option again.

  • admin

    Hi Lenaleus,

    It sounds like you are looking for Moodstream by Getty Images. You can find that here:


  • John stubbs

    Hi, I mentioned ( john says 19th june) that two image of statue of liberty had been paired together as” similar image” when in fact visually very different .
    I guess you agreed as they were separated. But recently back together again ??
    Just thought i would let you know. maybe the programme automatically put them back together ?

  • Chelle

    Can you tell me what your TOU is for using images from your site for non-commercial purposes? I am only able to find terms for commercial uses…

    thanks in advance.


  • admin

    Hi Chelle,

    All images on are intended for commercial use and must be licensed.
    We do not allow free use of our images for noncommercial or personal purposes.

    Getty Images offers web use licenses at very small fees for a variety of on line uses, but if your need is for no-cost images for personal, noncommerical use, we encourage you to visit where you can download an image for very limited use. Please see their ‘terms of use’ for the details. What’s great about is that many of the images in Getty Images’ archive and daily news, sport and entertainment are avaiable at, and you’ll also find imagery from the archives fo Life Magazine, so it’s a treasure trove of historic and contemporary imagery.

  • Maurice Hibberd

    As an ex photographer and picture editor, now retired, I find it very interesting to see some of my pictures on display with your agency. I also go down memory lane when I see work by many of the great cameramen and women I was lucky enough to know and work with

  • Peter Phipp

    Why do you edit keywords when an image is submitted as Photographers Choice? If we are paying for inclusion then surely we have the right to not have our keywords edited by Getty.

  • admin

    Hi Peter, Thanks for this question. We have an email address available on our contributor website that will get your questions answered as quickly as possible:

    However, I also checked with Claudia in our contributor relations team and found out that we check keywords against our controlled vocabulary, in case certain phrases that you may want to add, could result in odd search results by customers, or if they would not translate accurately into the many languages in which we make our images searchable. Claudia suggests using the email address above to question why any particular keyword was excluded on a particular picture.

    Hope this is helpful,
    Peg Willett at Getty Images

  • Steve

    I STILL CANNOT find the hi res download…

  • Leonardo Marques

    Where is the easy access download option? I need the Hi-Res images for my layouts before buying them.

  • Roger McKissack

    The watermark remains on comp images. Why?

  • admin

    Hi Roger, if you sign in when you arrive at your Getty Images account, you should be able to view images without the watermark. When you make your final decisions and license the image, an unwatermarked file is delivered to your account. Let us know if you have other questions.

  • admin

    Thanks for your question. Easy Access is set up by our sales team for customers who qualify. If you already have contact with our sales team, please let them know you would like this option. If not, you can either call 1-800-IMAGERY or while on the site, choose the live chat function and connect with our team on line. Let us know if you need further help.

  • Sam Grant

    Photo Editorial #508502 is NOT Richard Quick. It is Mark Schubert, the USC swim coach and Olympic coach.

  • Chellie

    Would really appreciate caption info to be on pics when downloaded- its very time consuming …..and really with today’s technology!! C’mon boys !!

  • Hoireabard

    hmmmmm.. Downloading now.

  • http://N/A kevin

    Hey just wanted to leave my blog about the Getty its tha best currently looking to build a creative team for my label hit me up

  • helen hulme

    Archive Norman Wisdom that I have been viewing not available on Life archive site, any suggestions?

  • Satya

    Those changes are very useful. my only suggestion is to give bigger preview option as when you compare to stock banks like
    they preview options are much bigger and easy for the layout work.

  • jojo

    When viewing photos that i put into the Lightbox not all have the watermark removed..
    How come ?

    There not for downloading just viewing…

  • parag

    how i sale my painting on your gallery
    plz help

  • Carmel Kokshoorn

    This is out of circulation coinage. I’ll take some photos of the new coinage and send them in on my 7th of February 2010 submission to Getty (10 photos from flickr.)

  • Kathy Brands

    Hi. My great husband is an avid bicycle rider. We just re-painted our kitchen and we want a poster/print of bicyclists on the wall. We have looked everywhere for a really beautiful print, and finally found one at your web-site. July 15, 2009 with the riders going through a field of sunflowers. How can we get a print or pic of this? It is far and above the other pictures of riders and sunflowers. Plus, it would look dynamite on the wall. Thanks. PS We just want it for US.

  • admin


    You will need to license the image for “Wall Decor” and we are happy to help you make that happen. Just contact a sales associate by calling toll-free sales assistance for imagery, footage and music in the US and Canada: call 800 IMAGERY (462-4379) or email us at


  • Mike

    Hi! I found your site some time ago and I like it! You’ve made great improvements to the photos, images and thumbnails. I like you give details about photos, years when they were taken and all information you provide. I usually search diverse categories and fields when I browse your site and I’m amazed of diversity and historical periods. Congrats and keep it the same!

  • nancy s.

    do you have a DVD for sale of all (or most) of the galaxys? i would buy it
    in a heartbeat!!

  • Cheryl Wright

    I need to reproduce a potato bag that has a photo from your site. I realise that I will need to buy this photo to reproduce the bag but I was wondering what other terms or conditions my apply to the use of this photo beyond the purchase of it? It is a photo of a potato with a potato peeler listed as a royalty free photo.

  • admin

    Hi Cheryl,
    Our license terms are available through a link at the bottom of every page of the website. Click there and see the license terms. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to be in touch with one of our sales folks at 1.800IMAGERY.

  • jojofive

    The watermark is still visable after signing in and viem my lightbox….
    Can this be changed….