Bonjour from Cannes!

May 13, 2009 | By Gerard McGovern | Entertainment

Our office in Cannes

Hello from the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. With many others I am a festival virgin, which if you say in certain parts of the city will get you some very strange looks.

The doom and gloom of the world economy thankfully has not stopped the sun shining upon the world’s  definitive film festival, although I’ve seen the odd ‘For Sale’ sign on some of the 80+ feet yachts moored behind the Palais. Times are clearly tough for the multi-millionaires.

Cannes is a very quaint town that waits, each year, to reveal itself to the world. We arrived a few days ahead of the main festival crowds and have witnessed a dramatic transformation. From a sleepy corner of the Mediterranean to a playground for the rich and famous, Cannes is a place unlike any I have ever been to before.

Over the next two weeks, our photo and video teams will be churning through thousands of photos and hours of footage, editing, compressing  and sending to our clients across the globe. Sadly as much as I would love to stay and soak up some more rays (ahem), my festival time will be cut short due to the UEFA Cup in Istanbul and the Champions League final in Rome.

Until next year …

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