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May 11, 2009 | By Getty Images | Website updates

Getty Images
8597739, Siri Stafford/Getty Images

There’s no need to double check that URL, you have come to the right site — we’ve just fixed ourselves up a bit. Now, instead of having four separate blogs, we’ve combined all of our great content into one Getty Images blog.

But don’t worry, if you only want to read about your favorite subjects, you can sort by the categories on the right side of the page. And check it out – we’ve added two more: Music and Website Updates!

Moving from four blogs to one is just the beginning. Soon we’ll be translating posts in different languages, improving the look and feel of the site, and all the while continuing to post the great stories behind Getty Images that you’ve become accustomed to.

Thanks for coming and be sure to check back here soon!

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  • http://www.rogermadsen.com/blog Roger Madsen

    I wasn’t aware of the other blogs, so thanks for putting them all together in one :-)

  • http://www.davidsanger.com David Sanger

    Look forward to more frequent updates, images and commentaries.

  • Fabian

    Reading by category is not an option for the RSS crowd, so I’m left with a feed thats drowning under fashion pics… not quite a good idea.

  • Adam

    I’m with Fabian. I have no desire to see your fashion or celebrity photos. I originally subscribed to the sport blog via RSS to read the unique behind-the-scenes commentary from your amazing sports photographers. The merge with your other blogs has made this worthless for me and forced me to unsubscribe from the feed altogether. It’s sad that the sports posts have nearly screeched to a halt in 2009. I hope this mistake is corrected sometime in the future.