Bring on the Cats and Dogs

April 11, 2009 | By Guy Merrill | Creative

One of the best parts of our partnership with Flickr is the vast amount of fantastic pet imagery at our fingertips: cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, rabbits, horses, we have the whole lot. What’s also exciting is that these pets are from all over the world.

In honor of this international set, here’s a rundown of global dog barks:

  • Woof Woof! (English)
  • Vov Vov! (Danish)
  • Guau! (Spanish)
  • Bow bow! (Urdu)
  • Bau bau! (Italian)
  • Ouah Ouah! (French)
  • Wan Wan! (Japanese)
  • Hau Hau! (Finnish)
  • Boj Boj! (Esperanto)
  • Hev Hev! (Turkish)
  • For more fun with international animal sounds check out this Animal Noise Chart. (Who knew German frogs went “quaak quakk”?)

    Enjoy this small sampling of what we have on offer at Getty Images so far. More to come soon!

    The Flickr Collection on Getty Images

    85072410,  Mathew Burditt Photography/Flickr

    The Flickr Collection on Getty Images

    85457605,  Luisa Pelipetz/Flickr

    The Flickr Collection on Getty Images

    85456917,  Luisa Pelipetz/Flickr

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