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March 13, 2009 | By Tom Hind | Creative

Flickr collection on Getty Images
Vict?ria Pe?afiel/Flickr

I can’t help but notice that the Flickr partnership is turning up a very different type of imagery from what we normally edit.

They’re not all “slice of life” pictures either — there’s some really considered, crafted work from hugely talented photographers. What I get a kick out of is the tiny details of people’s lives – the little moments that say or reveal a lot, which are local but universal.

The shot above from a photographer in Barcelona is a great example – you have all the intimacy of family life, care and protection, animal instinct – maybe also competition! It’s shot through (excuse the  pun) with humor and warmth. This is true of a lot of Flickr imagery and is amazingly hard to recreate.

Images like this also have a general appeal, despite (or maybe because?) they’re intensely individual.  Like a lot of the Flickr stuff I love, if you read a description of the shot you’d struggle to visualize it – but it works.

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  • ted villa

    very cool use of a social media site as an outpost to your main site. Smart thinking, and great integration of your site with the flickr interface. best of luck, I look forward to seeing how it plays out for you, and also look forward to seeing how much traffic, then business it drives. Will you ever share that information?

  • Léo Burgos

    Olá, parabéns pela iniciativa, Getty Images!
    Gostaria de deixar conversar e oferecer as minhas imagens que estão no para um contrato com a Getty Images.
    Aguardo retorno,
    Léo Burgos

    Hello, congratulations for the initiative, Getty Images!
    Wishes to talk and offer my pictures are in to a contract with Getty Images.
    I look back,

    Léo Burgos

  • JSuar

    beautiful photo and nicely said.