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March 11, 2009 | By Denise Waggoner | Creative

85153864,  Sarah Hall Photography/Flickr

For the past several years, whenever I asked our customers where they went for inspiration the first word that tripped from their lips was, and still is, Flickr. It’s cool, it’s unique, it’s unexpected and funny. It’s wild and sad and beautiful and you never know what seven days of “Interesting” is going to reveal. And now it’s on gettyimages.com. Whoo hoo!

The creative and photo research teams at Getty Images from all over the world (I’m talking China, Brazil, the US, UK and beyond) have spent the last several months exploring and celebrating all Flickr has to offer in order to bring the most exciting and relevant content to gettyimages.com. It has been an absolute pleasure.

So, here’s the thing. There are three BILLION pictures on Flickr and we are literally at the tip of “ye olde iceberg.” We’re starting small and then we’ll continue our journey and add thousands of new pictures a month while asking more and more Flickr members to participate. This deserves another whoo hoo!

We thought we’d try to answer a few questions here at the outset. But really, we want to hear from you. My colleagues and I will be checking back here often, ready to answer your questions and read all of your wonderful comments.

I am a Flickr member. How can I get invited to participate in the collection?

Our creative teams look through Flickr in a number of ways, but mostly through tags and regular keyword searches. Keep in mind the more descriptive you are with your pictures, the easier they are for us to find. So attach all of the good juju like locations or a descriptive caption. Also, we’re only looking at public images – so make sure any images you’d like considered are set as public. And finally, check the “yes” box on this page and we’ll be sure to find you.

How do you go about selecting imagery from Flickr?

The creative teams have spent thousands of hours with amazing photographers and photography. Our global photo research teams have spent thousands of hours listening to customer needs. We’ve combined those core strengths to select the brightest and most relevant content. And, at the end of the day, we hope to hear directly from you. So tell us exactly what you need right here on this blog by leaving a comment.

How can I let you know I’d like to license an image on Flickr that is not on Getty Images?

In the next few months we intend to add a new feature that will allow you to tag images that you are interested in licensing. We’ll keep you posted.

So that’s it! Let us know what you think! And a final whoo hoo for sign off!

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  • http://shanand.blogspot.com shanan

    Congratulations team Getty Images!

  • http://www.webolutionary.com Sean Robertson

    I think this is great, but why the hell do I have to log in to even see the price of an image? Frankly, many sites will even let you purchase something without creating an account. Putting up that extra hoop just to see the price is very likely going to stop many people from purchasing images they might otherwise have wanted.

    Usability 101, folks!

  • sharon S


    Great idea Getty….

    NOW… how about finding illustration samples on flickr too.

  • http://www.flickr.com/jsuar JSuar

    Congrats. The site is looking good.

  • Pradeepta

    The experience is somewhat visually jarring, though. It would be nice if the animation would stop as soon as the mouse enters the central pic, instead of user having to play a video game while trying to stop the animation.
    But overall, great job.

  • Tom W at Getty Images

    Hi Sean –
    Thanks for the feedback and you’re right: having to register to check prices is not ideal and we are actually already working on making changes that will allow folks to get pricing without having to login. So hang on — we’re on the same page!

    And Sharon –
    Thanks for the good wishes! And you raise a good point about the illustration. We’ve actually seen some great illustrations on Flickr and invited a number of them to be part of the collection — just haven’t had any come through in the early batches yet. So stay tuned!

  • http://www.wadegriffith.net Wade Griffith

    This is great. So excited about being a part of it.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/stinkypete/ John Sokol

    Very Cool Looking Collection!! I agree with the slideshow on front page I do not feel like I have much control even though I do.

    The photos all look great….except, I did not see any of mine…LoL!


    Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.gettyimages.com Helen T at Getty Images

    Pradeepta & John,

    Thanks for your feedback on how the image carousel works: Check it out again; We’ve slowed it down a little and you now have more control over the speed the carousel moves, just by moving your mouse.


  • Binary_Function

    I was browsing Ebay and noticed a lot of Getty images being sold as photo prints
    I am not an industry person or photographer myself but i am interested in celebrities & photography.

    Do these people actually have permission to sell prints of Gertty images? Or are they simply selling them illegally?

  • admin

    Great question! Our standard EULA (end user license agreement) does not give rights to re-sell images, so we think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of Getty Images prints being sold on eBay are not authorized. If you have information about specific auctions, please report those to us and we’ll ask eBay to shut those auctions down.

    It’s always wise to be careful about purchasing from legitimate sources. If you really want one of the prints being offered, ask the seller to provide a copy of their license that allows them to re-sell that image. Many thanks for taking the time to be in touch with us about this. Respect for copyrights and licensing protects those who create the amazing images on our site.