Working at the Oscars

February 26, 2009 | By Bob Covington | Entertainment

The Oscar show marks the traditional end of the major entertainment events season in North America. In preparation for the event, we had editors working out of two hotel rooms at the Renaissance Hotel, adjacent to the Kodak Theatre, site of the Oscars.



Those editors worked with another team in the Academy Awards press room.  The editors and photographers in all locations were linked together by a fiber network constructed by Special Events Technology Manager, Bob Covington (that’s me). To help explain how we moved thousands of photos, I took some of my own pictures for you:


The rooftop picture:  “Microwave antennas link sites in Hollywood from the roof of Getty images Los Angeles office in preparation for coverage of the Oscar Awards and the Vanity Fair after-party, held this year at the Sunset Tower Hotel.


From inside the hotel room: “A technician prepared the microwave transmitter linking Getty editors at the Vanity Fair after-party Oscar night to the rooftop of Getty Images Los Angeles office.


” A small microwave antenna beams data to Getty Images Los Angeles office, visible in the photo above just to the left of the tree in the picture. The high speed connection was critical to our coverage.”

“The view outside on Sunset Boulevard of the Sunset Tower hotel, site of the Vanity Fair after-party.”


“A team of editors, led by Micheal Heiman (looking towards camera) works on imagery for the Vanity Fair after-party.”

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