Mike White Does Sundance

January 16, 2009 | By Bridget Burns | Creative

Fred Hayes/WireImage/Getty Images

Look whose a juror at Sundance this year? Mike White! Here he is attending the Jurors Breakfast during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival at Cafe Terigo. If he isn’t the most familiar face to you that’s because he has been behind the camera fueling interesting projects for a decade or so as writer and producer. He got his feet wet writing for Dawson’s Creek and went on to write and star in Chuck & Buck, a truly uncomfortable small film from 2000.  A few of his television projects, such as Pasadena and the loved Freaks & Geeks were awesome but fell victim to poor ratings.  He co-wrote School Of Rock with friend Jack Black and made his directorial debut with 2007′s Year of The Dog.  We always have high hopes for White’s projects because if he is involved there’s a good chance there will be a twisted element.  Now he’ll be deciding the future of independent filmmakers!

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